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" Douglas Marine is the history of nautical accessories, the key to writing its future is determination, intuition and dedication. Always remaining one step ahead, anticipating market demands with a continuous technological and product innovation.”    

Paolo Ramoino - Director

Douglas Marine, founded in 1976, stands out for being the driving force of the introduction of stainless steel in the nautical field in Italy and was the first to make compression mooring shock absorbers, thus revolutionizing the sector. In a reality full of competitors, our company wanted to patent all the numerous projects introduced in the sector, both in the field of mooring and anchoring, ensuring the primacy for innovation and solution. In order to offer an increasingly quality service, Douglas Marine follows the entire production process of all its items, from the raw material to the finished product, thanks also to the availability of a wide range of machinery, most of which are of its own invention. This, combined with the numerous quality tests carried out, proves the quality of our made in Italy products as well as allowing great versatility in following and satisfying the specific needs of the shipbuilding sector.

To date Douglas Marine is the world leader in the production of mooring devices with a range of shock absorbers for boats from 1 to 900 tons, as well as being one of the leading European manufacturers of anchor attachments and fender profiles in stainless steel.


Thanks to our own design machinery, we are able to create any type of stainless steel profile directly from the drawing. We can reach lengths up to 4 meters and create curves with accentuated radii in a single piece of incomparable workmanship.

We are also available to modify, on significant quantities and according to the customer's needs, all our standard product lines, creating tailor-made solutions.

Trust our experience and maximize the quality of your product.

Premium Quality Products

For over 45 years Douglas Marine has been producing a wide range of nautical accessories able to meet the different needs of both the end user and the operators thanks to the continuous search for innovative materials and products.


Our staff is made up of personnel with decades of experience in the processing and use of workshop machinery such as welding machines, lathes, presses, rolling machines, profiling machines, bending machines and column drills.

The product experience combined with a young and trained management, an efficient team ready to face the challenges of the future and guarantee you the best of Made in Italy quality.

The quality of Made in Italy

The material that makes up our items is carefully selected only from local suppliers. We believe that Made in Italy is a plus that allows us to offer a product of excellent quality, envied all over the world. We are proud to be part of the Italian excellence.

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