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Quality and Safety at sea for over 47 years


Douglas Marine is the history of nautical accessories, the key to writing its future is determination, intuition and dedication.

Always staying one step ahead, anticipating...


For over 47 years Douglas Marine has been producing a wide range of nautical accessories able to meet the different needs of both the end user and the operators thanks to the continuous search for innovative materials and products.


Our company has a long experience in the nautical sector and stands out for the constant production evolution determined by the demand of a rapidly developing market and the high number of patents filed.


Douglas Marine is a reliable partner for the purchase of mooring items, including springs and anchor bindings, and shipbuilding items, including stainless steel profiles and telescopic ascent ladders.


Thanks to our own design machinery, we are able to create any type of stainless steel profile directly from the drawing. We can reach lengths up to 4 meters and create curves with accentuated radii in a single piece of incomparable workmanship.

We are also available to modify, on significant quantities and according to the customer's needs, all our standard product lines, creating tailor-made solutions.

Trust our experience and maximize the quality of your product.


Our staff is made up of personnel with decades of experience in the processing and use of workshop machinery such as welding machines, lathes, presses, rolling machines, profiling machines, bending machines and column drills.

The product experience combined with a young and trained management, an efficient team ready to face the challenges of the future and guarantee you the best of Made in Italy quality.

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