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Why choose a mooring shock absorber


How many times have you sleep moored in your boat and, with undertow and strong wind, hear the repeated tug transmitted from the mooring line to your boat?
Those tugs for every owner are blows to the heart because he knows that the tugs transmitted to the aft cleats will create the so called "cobwebs" in the gealcoat below and, in the long run, could also cause costly breakages.
There is no need to dwell too much on the disastrous effects that the breakage of one or more aft cleats can have due to excessively high loads transmitted or the impotence of the line to cope with the blows caused by rough seas.
And things can get much worse, especially when the boat is unattended.
Using a mooring shock absorber is therefore strongly recommended to sleep peacefully both on the boat and at home, with the boat unattended, elasticising the mooring line and ensuring stability and safety. But that's not all, the mooring shock absorber will significantly increase comfort on board by dampening tugs and stabilizing the boat. 

Our mooring shock absorbers from the Master Mooring patented line are unique in their design and use materials for marine use at the top of the quality range such as HR stainless steel with 120kg/m2 resistance and special elastomers with three different degrees of compressive hardness and very high mechanical resistance (over 650,000 minimum cycles).
They are made up of several elements assembled in series, each of which includes its own specific compression limit switch. Since each element can be assembled with elastomers of different hardness, the final result is a shock absorber that is soft in the first compression phase and gradually more powerful as the workload increases. These characteristics combined with the lightness of the materials used (the weight of a shock absorber is less than half of a traditional one with the same power) allow us to offer a complete range, for boats from 7 to 900 tons.

We have also studied how to improve the entire mooring line by designing and patenting an elastic thimble, our famous Bik, and a textile belt covered with elastic material at the contact points, called the Mooring Belt, with a breaking load of 11800 higher than a 14 diameter chain.

But at this point you may be wondering, why use a high quality shock absorber? 

Let's try to answer your question in points:
  • Minimum Maintenance;
  • Longer life than any other shock absorber on the market;
  • Avoid the annoying creaking that keeps you awake all night, our shock absorbers work in absolute absence of noise;
  • Limit the wear and tear of your mooring lines;
  • Prevent "cobwebs" in the gealcoat below stern cleats;
  • Increased comfort on board, with wind or undertow your boat will be the one that moves the least on the quay;
  • Spare parts always available, a Douglas Marine shock absorber is forever at the limit after 10 years of repair;
  • Weights and dimensions reduced to a minimum to facilitate transport during transfers;
  • You will be sure not to have nasty surprises by relying on a company that was the first in Italy to produce mooring shock absorbers and has 50 years of product experience;
We therefore hope to have convinced you to choose a 100% made in Italy quality product. For any further information, our team is at your complete disposal.

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